Biz Sale Process


1.  I want To Sell Now: After investing considerable time, effort, sweat and money, this is the most difficult decision for a Seller to make. Am I ready to sell now? If you answer “yes, now”, then LIST SELL BUY  is ready now to help and guide you to a sale.

2.  List My Business: Call LIST SELL BUY   to set up a confidential no charge meeting. At this meeting you will learn more about us and we about you and of  your business and finances, needed to complete our Business Listing Agreement.

3.  Market Your Business: Your business is then marketed for sale  in a confidential manner by LIST SELL BUY. Depending upon Businessmanthe type of business, financial information furnished and terms of  sale established by you, LIST SELL BUY utilizes one or more of the following confidential methods to market your Business: (a) list your business on various business sale websites giving it worldwide exposure, (b) promote the sale of your business at networking & other meetings, and (c) continually introduce your business  to prospective Buyers in person or via telephone & emails. On a regular basis, LIST SELL BUY  will discuss the status of its efforts with you and encourage your input.

4.  Buyer Interest Prior to disclosing information to an interested Buyer, LIST SELL BUY obtains a signed Confidentiality Agreement. Thereafter, when a Buyer expresses a genuine interest in your business after reviewing our initial “teaser” information and upon request submits an acceptable Financial Statement, then LIST SELL BUY  will disclose further partial information.

5. Seller/Buyer Meeting:  If the Buyer continues to have interest, LIST SELL BUY  will contact you to arrange a confidential meeting for you to meet the Buyer together with your LIST SELL BUY agent. At this meeting, the Buyer is given the opportunity to view the business, ask questions, and request additional information. You will also have the opportunity to inquire about the Buyer’s experience and qualifications.

6. Buyer’s Purchase Proposal: Following the Seller/Buyer meeting, LIST SELL BUY  remains in contact with the Buyer, answers questions, furnishes additional information and continues to encourage the Buyer on his interest #33- freeimage-3946772[1]- cash in handto purchase. At this point, if the Buyer has decided that your business is right for him, LIST SELL BUY  discusses price and terms

with the Buyer and thereafter prepares a non-binding Term Sheet Proposal. The Buyer signs the Proposal & delivers a good faith deposit escrow check to LIST SELL BUY showing his seriousness.

7.  Buyer’s Term Sheet Proposal: Most often, in addition to containing the Buyer’s price and terms of purchase, the Buyer’s Term Sheet Proposal may also contain a few contingencies, such as: the Proposal being subject to: (a) the approval by the attorney of both the Seller and Buyer, (2)  complete Due Diligence investigation by the Buyer, his Attorney & CPA, and (3) the approvals from any 3rd parties having interest.

8. Presentation To Seller: Usually within 24 hours after the Buyer signs the Term Sheet Proposal, LIST SELL BUY personally presents the Buyer’s Proposal to you the Seller, explains it in more detail, furnishes other Buyer information including Buyer’s Financial Statement and Personal Bio/Resume if available, offers  its opinions and suggestions, and responds to your questions and concerns.

9. Seller’s Alternatives to Buyer’s Proposal:  At your sole option, you can accept the Buyer’s Proposal, reject it, or offer your own Counter Proposal to all or part of the Buyer’s original Proposal.

10. Seller/Buyer Agreement: When you and the Buyer are in complete accord on the Buyer’s Term Sheet Proposal or on any agreed Counter Proposal, then LIST SELL BUY submits the Proposal and all other related documents and information to the Seller’s and Buyer’s attorneys for review, possible changes, and ultimate approval by way of a final binding Sell/Buy Agreement at which time the Buyer furnishes a additional deposit check which is also held in escrow by LIST SELL BUY until Closing.

11. Due Diligence, Lien Search, Contingencies & Inventory: Following the signed Agreement, LIST SELL BUY  assists the Seller, Buyer, and their respective Attorney and CPA during the Buyer’s Due Diligence investigation which includes a review of the Seller’s financial records. Thereafter, Buyer’s Attorney conducts a lien search and other investigations, and all parties address the removal of any liens and remaining contingencies before Closing. Prior to Closing, LIST SELL BUY arranges for a count and pricing of all inventory included in the sale Agreement.

12.  The Closing: Your Agent at LIST SELL BUY attends the Closing with the Seller, Buyer and their attorneys. Closing documents are signed, the Seller transfers  the business to the Buyer and you, the Seller, receive the sale proceeds.