Marketing Program


LIST SELL BUY  has designed a Great looking business womanMarketing Program as part of its overall efforts in the marketing and sale of the Seller’s business. The Marketing Program includes placing  highlights of Seller’s business on one or more Internet websites that have a proven track record of attracting thousands of Buyer viewers each day while always maintaining the Seller’s confidentiality by protecting the Seller’s business name, specific address, and the like. When deemed advisable, from time to time LIST SELL BUY  may also place classified ads in one or more trade journals,  industry publications, or local or national newspapers in its efforts to attract and identify that “right Buyer” for Seller’s business.

Shown below are many of the marketing outlets from which LIST SELL BUY, in its sole determination and cost, may select in its marketing of the Seller’s business. In certain situations LIST SELL BUY  may accept the Seller’s recommendations  on when, where and the frequency of marketing the Seller’s business for sale in outlets selected by the Seller, provided there is a prior written agreement between the Seller and LIST SELL BUY  relative to the payment of all or a portion of the applicable marketing costs.




  • In-house presentations
  • Promotion at various networking & organization events